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Natural Art – solo by PYGOYA

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copyright Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang – http://www.lastplace.com

Running Artist Dr. Rodney PYGOYA Chang artworks deriving from his marathon No. 41 at Hilo, Hawaii, USA

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Art by PYGOYA, running artist


Roberta Masciarelli Solo Show at TRULY VIRTUAL WEB ART MUSEUM

CONGRATS to VIP WEBISM member ROBERTA MASCIARELLI who has been chosen for a solo show at Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang’s TRULY VIRTUAL WEB ART MUSEUM.








Visit show, click here

Art by Janusz Mulak, VIP WEBISM member from Warsaw, Poland

Two famous VIP WEBISM members meet in Budapest, Hungary…

In December 2009 VIP WEBISM member Herbert W. Franke, (lh) Munich, Bavaria, Germany and VIP WEBISM member Istvan Horkay, Budapest, Hungary met in Budapest!!!!! They need their glasses filled up… we have to do sparkling WEBISM group art jobs to fill their glasses-:)

Happy 2010 with and from Istvan and Herbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WEBISM – art connecting the world

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