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Jac Depczyk, London/Paris visits WEBISM founder Ingrid Kamerbeek in Sonthofen

Posted in Art - all media,Webism,WEBISM_Group_of_Worldwide_Artists,Webism_Movement by WEBISM - art connecting the world on September 18, 2009

IMG_5144Jac is a nice guy. He’s always active. The camera seems to be part of his body. He’s a great photographer working for  “The Economist” and other papers and mags as illustrator. He loves to do photo shootings. When he stayed here in Sonthofen in September 2009 he had a cool photo shooting with Simone Tassoti who runs the Sonthofen café “M1”. YOU can be part of Jac’s network and gain even profit. Visit www.netcells.net if you are a creative person and find out yourself!!!

This kitchen table shot of Jac and Ingrid was done by WEBISM sponsor Thomas Kamerbeek.


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